Baby Bentley

What’s anencephaly? No one knows,they say it’s rare but through our journey we have met several parents online that have gone the same nightmare Taylor & I have gone through we also become close to q couple that also went through this.


A year ago scrolling down Facebook, somehow I don’t know how I because friends with this amazing mother she posted that she birth to her beautiful anencephaly baby not knowing what anencephaly is but I knew she had posted.Hr sweet angel passed away shortly after birth I remember saying out loud “I could not imagine going through this” I thought to myself I would die if I lost one of my kids.


Back in August I took a test .. what do ya know I’m pregnant again! I’m scared because I thought I would be raising my third child . I knew it would be hard because just my two girls are very hard. Parenting isn’t easy .. September comes along I got to my 12 week ultrasound and found out my sweet little baby kicking around inside of me and doing flips has anencephaly.. as she explained I immediately thought of my now very close friend and I knew my baby had the same thing . I cried so much and asked god why but I also thanked god for me finding out sooner than most parents find out .. most parents find out the day they go to find out the gender at their 20 week ultrasound but instead god allowed me to find out at 12 weeks.


After my husband found out it put a lot of stress on us we fought all the time he held his feelings in and only cried when he was alone or I wasn’t looking. The fighting lead to a split up to where we were facing each other in court a couple weeks later surging him with divorce papers but I knew we both weren’t ready to let go a week passes and he comes home to our girls & I and we work through everything we have been through he slowly opens up about our baby .. we were both hurt we found out we were having our little boy that we have ALWAYS wanted our little girls were finally having a little brother but he wasn’t going to live long..


the day arrives and I’m going to be induced at the hospital that night we were both excited to meet our little boy we didn’t even have “anencephaly” on our minds at the time we were just ready to have him in our arms .. that night goes by and finally the contractions hit the next day around probably 8 pm I’m 6cm and they break my water . Bentley didn’t like that and his heart rate dropped … as I was shaking my husband was crying we didn’t think he was going to live any longer . All I wanted was him to come out breathing so he can meet his daddy and sisters … after the long hour felt like 5 hours of turning from side to side to get his heart rate up and even the long needle going into my leg to stop contractions and seems like 10 nurses all in the room trying to make a plan that’s best for me and baby . They told me I need to decide to try and have a vaginal or go back for a C-section but they aren’t sure he will come out alive because he wasn’t acting well with my contractions . My husband and I decided to go back for a C-section the most scariest moment in my life.


As they roll me back, they put this curtain in my face and tied my arms down as I am holding onto my husbands hand telling him he needs to calm down when I’m the one laying on the table being cut open minutes later my baby boy was born .. he came out crying when I was told my entire pregnancy he wouldn’t cry . They washed him off and handed them to my husband he was cooing and blowing bubbles he was the happiest new born I’ve ever seen! He was so perfect & tiny . They checked his heartbeat and it was so strong ! As the next day arrives at the blink of an eye Bentley our son got to breastfeed after the doctor told me he wouldn’t .. but 14 hours go by and he takes his last breath . But he took his last breath with everyone that loved him around him .


So DO NOT doubt what god can do god made a miracle baby ! We didn’t get the miracle we wanted but we got a miracle baby he did so many things we were told he wouldn’t .


Anencephaly is a defect in the formation of a baby’s neural tube driving development.. the baby doesn’t have a skull and is born stillborn or lives shortly after birth with his/her brain exposed .